Satire and parody as a cultural link in Europe: 
What makes people laugh?
Is satire a form of art which is common in all European countries?
A philosophical-aesthetic investigation

a contribution of Royal Atheneum I Ostend  (Belgium)
and 42 Students Human Sciences 5 and 6
to Comenius project
,,Arts as A Melting Pot of Different Cultures''
Lycée Victor Hugo (Marseille, F),
Istituto del' Arte Mengaroni (Pesaro, IT),
Koninklijk Atheneum I (Oostende, B),

coaching: Patrick Ghyselen

10 sources of inspiration:

Delvoye-Ensor-Meersman-Poelvoorde (B)

Les Guignols-Tati-Le Canard Enchaîné (F)

Guzzanti-Dario Fo-Fellini (IT)