James Ensor

Fighting Over a Pickled Herring

Marie Maes and Charlotte Vanderlinden:

,,We've chosen Ensor, because we both like to draw; he was born in Ostend and we got a similar drawing style. We will start with sketching and take pictures of typical Ostend and old buildings. Our intention is to combine Ensor style with the present.

For example: the combination of present Ostend as background and people dressed in belle époque style in front. The people will be living skeletons.''

Bathing in Ostend (detail), 1899

Daphné Geselle, Ilse Verbeke, Tatiana Wynthein:

,,We have chosen James Ensor as our subject. We want to tell the story of three of his paintings in the form of a book. As an extra we are planning to make cartoons of pictures that we found of Ensor. Our goal is to let other people know who Ensor was and what we think about the meaning of his paintings. We haven chosen Ensor because he is a very important person in the history of art in Ostend.''

Three other drawings, which inspire us: Hell's Travel (1886) The Elephant's Joke (1888) The Ghost (1889)