Karl Meersman


Miguel Beauprez, Maïté Deschagt, Hans Martens and Jessica Vinck:

Karl Meersman was born in Temse on the 14th of september in 1961. He's a Flemish cartoonist and illustrator.
He's famous for his caricature in magazines such as ,,Trends'' and ,,Focus Knack''. Togheter with his brother he had a character studio till 2004. He thinks he's a graphic artist,  but he  feels attracted to the cartoon satire in tradition of Felicien Rops, Toulouse Lautrec and Honoré Daumier.

We've chosen Karl Meersman because he's creative with his caricatures about the recent newsflashes and also we love his jokes about the politics of Belgium. We've been to an art gallery  in Bruges where there was a temporary exhibition of his work.

We're going to make new cartoons about the current teachers in our school.

Elke Mahieu, Charlotte Parasie and Lindsay Dedrie:
,,Meersman is a Belgian artist: cartoonist, painter. He lives in Temse and is born in 1961. He likes to use actual themes in his work. He is inspired by Daumier, Lautrec and Rops. Their work is related. We would like to use their creation as inspiration for our work.''