Sabina Guzzanti

Yoeri Boterman:
,,The song we'll try to make is based on 'Satisfaction' from the Rolling Stones. We're not  plagiarizing the Stones, we will only try to make a sort of satirical remake which makes fun out of Belgian politicians.

My lyrics:

,,I can't get no coalition
I can't get no coalition
cause I try and I try and I try and try
I can't get no, Ican't get no.''
..... (writing in progress)

On the other hand it's possible i'll write a complete new song and melody, we'll see !

My source of inspiration is Sabina Guzzanti, she's an italian political activist who's contra-Berlusconi and who made the movie 'Draquila'; a strong satire against Berlusconi.


Delfien Schoonbaert:

,,I had the idea to create a globe from styrofoam, showing the map of Italy. The maffia places I would indicate with thumb nails. The maffia people, I would indicate with miniature dolls. Because it might not be clear to everyone which person each doll represents, I would be playing their most famous quotations in a music video. I would also indicate known places with flags. My equipment I would buy in craft stores. There is a possibility that I ask my mom: she can also easily get what I need. I think it's going to be difficult to stick the Italian map on the sphere, so I would stick them one by one on the sphere.''

the man without a face

Bram Braet:

,,Welcome to the drama-democracy! It becomes more clearly every day, the political landscape expires continuously to a theatre in which the politicians are the actors. The best actor gets most of the votes. Especially Americans know what I’m speaking off. There, where the republicans are spreading propaganda in which they try to win votes by smiling their shining teeth to the audience and then walk into the sunset with a rifle on their shoulers. But also in Europe we have some good actors like Mr. Berlusconi. For this reason I had the idea of outlining the picture of Berlusconi such as he really is. a man without a face or character. Someone with a hollow personality who sets-up a mask when the situation asks.''