Wim Delvoye

Manon Milh, Tara Velter, Liesbeth Denoo, Kim Steen and Naomi Sorel:

,,We've chosen Wim Delvoye as an inspiration for a piece of art we are going to create. We are still arguing about what we are going to do eventually. Our thoughts go out to an art piece based on the same ideas Wim Delvoye uses for his art pieces. He tattoos pigs and lets poo come out a machine and gets way payed for it. Maybe we're going to make fun of him, we don't know yet but it's a possibility, with all respect of course. But we are still fighting ideas;  so we haven't made a permanent decision.''
Gillian Demeulenaere, Jade Grunewald, Céline Ketelers:

,,Our plan is to make a map of the field of Delvoye. This we will realise in a fish bowl. We are not sure of making it ourselves or to buy one.The fish bowl we will colour or do something with it . Stained glass windows are very famous works of him. The fish bowl means in fact that Delvoye sits in his own closed world. To realise this idea and its environment/area  we will use ground and grass on the floor. His famous castle we will make with paperboard or perhaps something water-resistant? We will form also pigs in plasticine. The trailers (originating from the Roma-theme) we will make something also from paperboard or water-resistant. ' Lantaarnpaaltjes' and little roads with some stones,  we will join also. It hasn't been developed entirely  yet, but we will  consult our p.o./expression teacher. We are still  thinking of putting a real fish there with water. This because of all the problems concerning his art work in which animals are involved.''