Le Canard Enchaîné (version belge?)

Joachim Callenaere:

,,I'm using ,,Le Canard Enchaîné'' a French satrical newspaper as inspiration source. Le Canard Enchaîné has been published since 1915 by Maurice Maréchal and his wife Jeanne Maréchal. My idea is to make a Belgian version of Le Canard Enchaîné ,starting with a frontpage and some other pages (don't expect a full newspaper). In this newspaper I will explain the political situation in Belgium (with some humour) and laugh with some of the things that happen in Belgium.

The second thing I'm gonna do is making a satrical song together with Yoeri Boterman who makes his project about Guzzanti.


Adonis Boulougouris, Jaëlle Pylyser and Michael Verstraete:

,,So in a couple of lines, this is what we've discovered so far about the weekly French paper 'Le Canard Enchaîné'.

For starters, the French editors of the paper like to "talk" about their president, in any sort of way, which mainly consists of  jokes about his length, ideas, statements, political power amongst other things.

Secondly, they talk about their previously colonised countries a lot. What's more, they used a peculiar joke 'Why not split Ivory Coast in Ivory and Coast?' clearly pointing at the Belgian news, where ideas about splitting Belgium in Flanders and Walony(?) were quite popular for some time, but talking about the Belgian news, they do not. That did surprise us a bit.

Link naar le Canard: http://www.lecanardenchaine.fr/