Les Guignols


Athena Boulougouris and Emma Debleecker:

,,We are planning to combine different shows where they use puppets: Les Guignols and The Muppet Show f.ex. or Team America, Lazy Town. Either making a collage with the different characters or editing video fragments into one new video. We'll search for similarities between characters of the different shows, what role they have, and see if we can put those together in some way. For the 'collage' we could draw them all together, or edit it with photoshop/gimp/etc. It would be interesting to create something combining all these shows.''


Bjorn Coucke, Eveline Masquelier and Nick Gunst:

,,Our intentions with this project are to make a dollhouse-theater inside a television screen; we'll record the representation to be played in the classroom later on. The theater will be based on political issues, etc ... and it will be displayed as a childplay, showing that the problems aren't so difficult to handle and that even children can handle it. We would like to give it an satiristic or humoristic undertone, just like the peaple of Les Guignols do.''